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Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to improve the online experience for all our users.
Within our Cookie Policy we descrive what cookies are and how they are used in our website. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how we use the personal data of users who connect to our websites and on the importante with which we consider the protection of your privacy.
Our web site and services container in it cannot be used without the presence of cookies and therefore to use our Web platform, you consente to the use of cookies in accordante with the terms of that policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text file that conati text stringe of small size sent from a Web server to a client (usually a browser) and then sent back by the client to the server (without changes) each time the client accese the same portino the of the same web domain. Cookies do not conati any information that can directly identici a user, however, the personal information stored on our site can be linked, on our part, to the information stored in the cookie and obtained by the cookie.

Cookie Usage

The information we ottani through use of our Cookies are used for the following purposes:
  • To recognize your computer when you visit our website
  • To improve the usabili of the Web site
  • To analyze the use of the Web site
  • To administer this website
  • To personalize our website (with targeted messages that may be of interest to the user)To keep track of the user’s navigazione during his visit.

Is the enabling of cookies safe?

Yes. Cookies contain only small amounts of data and cannot work independently. We recommend that you configure your Web browser in order to accept cookies from our website.

How can you change the settings for cookies?

To change the settings regarding cookies, you must change the settings of the browser you use. Since browsers are updated frequently and the platforms that support them more and more, it is not possible to provide a single guide suitable for all versions of browsers and devices. However the following links refer to a Google search with the appropriate keywords related to the modification of the Cookie for each major browser. Customize your search by entering the browser version and the platform you use (PC, MAC, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.).
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

How many types of cookies are there?

On our website three different types of Cookies are used:
  • Session Cookies: Temporary file that are stored only for the duracino of the browsing session on the website. The web browser normally delete them at closing.
  • Persistent Cookies: The duracino of these file exceeds the browser session (for example, if you logo on to a Web site, it acknowledges the user on his subsequent visit). The Persistent cookies enable features such as welcomes, maintenance of the items in your cart (in the case of online purchases), recognition of preferences such as languages, colours and so on.
  • Thord-Party Cookies: while browsing our Web site, the user may transiti Cookies to third parties not related to our company. If you access a Web page with embedded content, such as YouTube, Cookies can be transmitted to and from that site. We have no control over these cookies, we entourage you to consulta the Web sites of third parties for further information regarding the cookies they use and how to handle them.

Cookies on our website

The following is a list of cookies used by our website, with an explanation of the individual use:
  • Owner type cookie use
  • This website temporary session
  • Persistent use Google Statistics
  • Persistent Facebook Login
  • Persistent Twitter Login
  • Cookie block

All browser allow you to declino cookies. Since browser are updated frequenti and the platforms that support them more and more, it is not possible to provide a single guide suitable for all versions of browser and devices.
Blocking of Cookies, however, can have a negative impact on the usabili of many websites.

Deleting Cookies

You can delete cookies already stored on your computer. Since browsers are updated frequently and the platforms that support them more and more, it is not possible to provide a single guide suitable for all versions of browsers and devices. This action can have negative consequences regarding the usability of many websites.

Other technologies on our website

- Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a Google analysis tool which helps website and app owners to understand how visitors interact with the content they own. You can use a set of cookies to collect information and generate usare statistics of the website without personal identificato of individual visitors by Google. \

- Google Maps
Google Maps is a service of visualizing maps powered by Google Inc. which greatly improves the user experience on our website. Google Maps, in fact, provides detailed information on the location of a specific commercial establishment or accommodation business in the area.

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